Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos have got to be the most delectable use for fish leftovers you will ever have.  We use salmon when making ours.  They’re so easy to prepare and the most delectable use for fish leftovers you will ever have, or did I say that already?

First you’ll need to be sure you have Roasted Raspberry-Chipotle Sauce.  This is key.  Without this I cannot guarantee they they will wow you.  But if you have this sauce…  Let’s just say it’s very important to the goodness of these fish tacos.sauce

A few things you’ll need to make these tacos are:

Grilled or broiled salmon

Flour Tortillas

Feta cheese (wonderful flavor with the salmon)

Cheddar Cheese


Sour Cream

Roasted Raspberry-Chipotle Sauce


Only a few ingredients.  See, I told you it would be easy.

Step 1:  Place a bit of oil or butter and heat salmon in skillet, breaking up the salmon steak as you stir.

Step 2:  Chop cabbage – enough for everyone to have some on their tacos

Step 3:  Heat tortillas on stove top.  If you’re not from the southwest this may seem a little perplexing to you.  Out here we have Mexican food, oh at least once a week.  So, when I say heat your tortillas up you will need to get a skillet (preferably cast iron) to warm your tortillas on.  You only to do it for about 30 seconds each side.  Too long and they won’t be bendable.

Step 4:  Now you can prepare your taco starting with the salmon, both cheeses, cabbage, sour cream &  finally the raspberry chipotle sauce.

Step 5:  Eat and love it.



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4 responses to “Fish Tacos

  1. Meg

    Mmm… fish tacos are one of my favorites. You can find them pretty much anywhere here in California, and they are my husband’s and my favorite “Mexican” dish (although I do love me some rice and beans too 😉 )

    We always use white fish with ours… salmon was always so expensive 😉 Have you ever made ceviche before? I made some last week, but I was too afraid to try it 🙂

  2. We’ve never had fish tacos. I’ve seen the phrase but have never been anywhere that served them so that I could try. I may have to give your recipe a go IF I can find the right sauce!

  3. Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce? Oh now that sounds like it would make anything taste wonderful!

  4. I had fish tacos for the first time last month. I liked them (sort of) but this recipe sounds much better than the ones I had. I’ll try making them myself next time!

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