Middle Ages & Speech Co-ops

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Once a year, myself and some other homeschoolers from our church, get together for a speech/co-op day. Several months before we give our speeches, we vote on a topic; the children study it, write a speech and then deliver it to friends and family on the appointed day. We go all out with props, costumes, food and games. The children get to put into play their creative skills and practice speech making.

This will be our 5th year. Thus far our Co-op days have been…

Democratic Republic of the Congo (we have a family at our church that moved from there and we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn some things firsthand)

(Wesley did his speech on the food of the DROC. He served some authentic food from his roadside stand “Red Termite Inn”.)

Under the Sea

(my friend made this sharks submarine mouth that we had to enter before we could go underwater, which was our garage covered in blue tarps)

Pioneer Day

(Don’t you love this carved watermelon that friends from Pennsylvania made? Some people are so talented!)


(My oldest daughter did her speech on the pencil and included her two younger siblings.)

This year we will be going back in time to the Middle Ages – a time period with plenty to study since it covers about 1,000 years.

I just recently learned that history is divided up into three parts: 1. Antiquity 2. Middle Ages 3. Modern Times.

Isn’t that interesting? I had always thought the Middle Ages was the time of knights and castles but did not know it also involved the martyrs, William Wallace and Vikings.

So much fascinating history to cover and learn beforeĀ September when the children give their speeches.



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6 responses to “Middle Ages & Speech Co-ops

  1. What great creativity! It’s a nice idea to have the get together/presentation once a year. Motivation, but not a huge time commitment.

    Good for you!


    • timbuck2mom

      It has been a really fun way for the kids to practice their public speaking. They really enjoy doing it and we parents have a lot of fun planning the big day.

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