Sewing Away

My good friend and her children have been here for the last few days.  She so graciously is helping me by sewing some costumes for our co-op day on the Middle Ages.  I will be forever indebted to her.  I could give her a 100 hugs, feed her peeled grapes and cook meals for her for a month and still not be able to show my gratitude!  I LOVE people that will sew for me.  Can you tell it’s not a strong point for me?  I made things in my youth but never developed too much skill in that area so I have willingly let others bless me with their talents. 🙂

They even tutored my daughter and she made a skirt in the last 2 days, did some altering on a jean skirt she bought on E*Bay, and fixed a belt.  Way to go, Serenity.  You amaze me and I love you dearly and I can’t wait till you’ll be able to do all the mending and sewing around here!

My living room has been turned into a sewing room with 3 machines whirring away.


An angel came to visit.


My Serenity working away. 


Today is our big craft/work day when the other families that will be involved in the homeschool co-op are coming over.  More pictures to follow in the days to come!


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  1. I wish you could send your angel my way… ;o)

    I never could get the knack for sewing.

    My mom used to sew and I really wanted to. My oldest daughter has a sewing machine and my poor husband had to show her how to use it. I’m hoping she’ll have skipped my “no sew

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