Craft/Work Day for our Back to the Middle Ages Co-op Day

We were able to accomplish quite a bit yesterday in our craft/work day. 

When everyone arrived we began a group project of making mosaic stepping stones.


This young lady is feeling the pain at the thought of breaking a pretty salad plate.  Breaking tile and dishes was great for the boys.  They did it with relish – with not one iota of remorse. 🙂


After making our stepping stones we took a break for lunch.  Then it was on to sewing for the girls and a wood working project for the boys.




The girls were making little coin bags for our co-op day.  We are going to hand out these bags with some fake money (what we’ll use for money we’re not sure about – any ideas?  our guests will actually get what they want for free, we’re just “pretending” that they’re buying it) to friends and family on the day we give our speeches.  Each family is going to have a table set up with wares they are hawking.  Friends and family will be able to go from table to table deciding on what they would like to purchase.


The boys made catapults.  This one is a Wild Donkey or Onager Catapult and came from the book The Art of the Catapult by William Gurstelle.  Beware though that if you make this, there are some instructions that were incorrect. Russell and another dad that was here were in charge of this project and spotted the error and was able to correct it before they made a mistake.  This project only cost each boy $6.


The the painting of signs and castles began.  Cardboard everywhere.





A couple of the girls even drew and painted a knight.  They cut out his face so that people can put their own into it and get a picture.

After the painting, supper was served and then there was clean-up, grouting of the stepping stones and gabbing.  Oh, and even more sewing.  Don’t pass out, but yours truly started a sewing project.  IF I get it finished or even somewhat finished I’ll let you have a preview of it before our Big Day in September.  Just one of the perks from reading my blog.  I know you feel so privileged. 😀



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6 responses to “Craft/Work Day for our Back to the Middle Ages Co-op Day

  1. Wow! You guys are really going all out! I’m impressed 🙂

    That’s so funny what you said about the boys not minding breaking the plates!

    Peter made a catapult like that once. It’s great for shooting marshmellows (if you have a lot of kids around and don’t want to take chances with stones). Just make sure they don’t get too hot. (Ask me how I know)

    Grace made a 3/4 size knight for her medeival party a couple of years ago. They also had a maypole. That was a fun party.

    Looks like such a neat co-op! Wow.


  2. Wow! Cool co-op stuff! We live so far out in the boonies we have no co-ops. Looks like much fun and learning! And the scenery in the photos is breathtaking….

    • timbuck2mom

      The people involved in our co-op are other homeschoolers that we’re friends with and the rest are from our church. They live between 20 minutes to 45 minutes to 4 hours away from me. They’re all really great to work with and put their all into the project. It makes things a lot more fun when you have committed and excited people working on it together.

  3. Hey Elisabeth! I love all the activities with which y’all were involved…looks like so much fun. And I must mention how refreshing it is to see girls wearing skirts. Truly! Around our neck of the woods we don’t see many skirts (other than my daughter and I) unless we’re at the homeschool convention…even in our homeschool group. Anyway, well done ladies!
    God bless!

  4. As for your sewing project…YEAH!! I know you can do it and look forward to seeing the finished product. I finished Catz’s medieval/Lord of the Rings dress in March, and now I’m sewing a dress for her to wear at a wedding next week. It definitely takes time, patience, and practice, but the finished piece will be so worth it. Keep me posted!

    By the way, I do need to update my blog…soon. I have some big news to share, so I just need to make time to sit and write, er, type!

  5. That sounds like a fabulous day. I am very impressed with your creativity. I read over your previous posts and especially like the shark tunnel. What a fantastic idea.

    What type of camera do you use? Your photographs are so beautifully crisp.

    Kate (in Australia)

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