A Summer in Ohio

Tomorrow we head out to a church youth camp taking others, as well as our family to Ohio. One thing will be different this time. Seth will be following us in his (new to him) truck and  then staying on until the end of August or till sometime in September. He was offered a job there for the summer putting on metal roofs. 

He’s really looking forward to his time there, his bags are packed and just this weekend he bought his first ever vehicle.  He’s now the proud owner of a little Mazda 4×4, for all of $2,200, purchased with 4-H money.


At church this weekend, all the men gathered round to check it out, looking at what, I’m not sure. 🙂

Maybe as a mother, you can’t help getting sentimental.  But although I am so happy for him since he will be with wonderful fellow believers and will have an excellent church to go to, I feel like I’m looking at change.  A change that will lead to another change.   My kiddo’s were once all so little but they’re growing up on me and one day it will be like it was in the beginning 20 years ago – just Russell and me. 

The realization of how precious these years are hits me once again and I pray that the Lord help me to take advantage of every moment I spend with them and to make them count.  I want Russell and I to be good examples and to pass on the torch of this gospel to our children and that the fire of this gospel will burn in their bosom.  I want to always be close as a family.

So, I’m looking at change and I wonder what the future will be.  I’m having a hard time keeping in mind that it’s only for the summer and not a lifetime.  Maybe with your first one it’s always the hardest?  What did you do and how did you feel when your first one ventured out?   



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5 responses to “A Summer in Ohio

  1. Oh, how well I remember being in your shoes (oh, say, 20 – 22 years ago!) We gave 3 daughters in marriage in less than 2 years, and our son went off to college very shortly after. There we were — empty nesters! But my husband and I have always put a strong emphasis on our own relationship, so that part just grew stronger.

    It was the missing and quiet that was so different! Our family has always been close, best friends, and it was just strange at first! Thank God, He saw fit to have the girls remain close by (mostly), and their husbands are like sons to us, so most of our life just settled into a different, but pleasant routine. The grandbabies started coming, and we still loved (and still love!) to get together for fellowship, games, meals, outings, as well as worship and church.

    The Lord knows how to fill those empty spots and give you the peace that the arrows you are sending out are right on target. As you see a new godly seed spring up and develop into fruit that remains, the focus moves to being there for your children as they take on the parent role.

    What a blessing it has been to see our children become parents in established households! We do not have the “final say” anymore, but they are so quick to be honoring and ask for counsel, and now that the oldest of 22 (soon to be 24) grandchildren is 20 years old, we rejoice in the blessing of another generation who knows the Lord, walks with Him more righteously than we did at that age, and is beginning to consider their own new generation!

    I know where you are, and my heart goes out to you. I will be praying with you as you seek to find that balance and release those arrows! God bless you!

    Mrs. Frodge in
    (Beth Discher’s mother)

    • timbuck2mom

      Mrs. Frodge, The love you and your husband share with your family is a beautiful thing to behold. I love seeing all their pictures with you both always right there involved. It’s such a great example for me to see. You have blessed me with your comment and I thank you for your words and prayers.

  2. What a great looking truck! I am so impressed that he was able to get it with his 4-H money. Good for him. Of course the guys have to “check it out” 🙂 I love it!

    Well, “Empty Nest” syndrome is probably easier for me since my oldest are girls, so until they marry, they’re right here with us, but we’ve sure thought about it. Our solution? Just stay in denial and keep having new ones to replace the others! That way we never have an empty nest! Ha ha! Not really.

    It will be hard when Peter (16) is ready to take on his manly role. Trusting the Lord to give you grace as you release Seth. You’ve done a good job and can trust him to his Heavenly Father!

    God Bless!

  3. You have a beautiful family! You all seem very close. I too, don’t want my kiddos to grow up so fast. I just pray the Lord will help us to teach them the things He would want us to and to grow closer to Him always…and I believe He will.
    You called me about the dish detergent a while back. It worked okay. The dishes were clean but my glasses were still a bit dingy. Have a great week…God Bless.

  4. Well, my oldest is only 12, so I have no advice. But I do understand your fears! I’ve been having them since day 1!

    What an accomplishment to buy his own car though! =)

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