Somewhere between Oklahoma & Ohio

Russell is made of a different fabric than I.  The longest I’ve driven in one stretch is 3 hours.  Russell can go all night and then some more and that’s exactly what we did.  But even he needs to rest sometimes.  I never know where we’ll end up.  This time it was in a little bitty town that must have a claim on Route 66

although that’s not the road we pulled off on. 

It looked like a fun store whose parking lot became our rest stop for the next 45 minutes.

Nothing was open since it was early enough that most people were still sleeping. 


 A little rest and he’s good to go for another 10 hours.  Amazing man my hubby is.


I thought this was quite a neat idea.  I wonder how well it works.  Maybe the predecessor to the first riding lawn mower? 🙂


Early morning entertainment for those who were not trying to snooze – watching the train and smashing pennies on the tracks. 


Have you ever woke to a turtle staring you in the face?  Some on our trip did.  Wesley’s reaction was the best; he had quite the startled look! 

Does anyone know what kind of turtle this is?  Maybe it’s a tortoise.  I have no idea.  Maybe I should educate myself on the difference.


Devotions were sometimes held in strange places – like the drive-thru of the bank.  (Hey, it was a shady spot and it was Saturday after all.)

Attentive, tired?  How would you describe them?


Maybe tired.  Uh huh.  I’d say they’re completely wiped out.  Is that Russell I see stretched out on the middle table? 

This was our lovely breakfast stop in Illinois.  The way our family travels is to stop for breakfast and eat cereal & fruit.  We go to a park (or a rest area if the other option is not available) where the kids can run around getting rid of pent up energy (and the driver can rest).  This works really well for our family.

Audrey got a little bored one day…

but managed to entertain herself

and me, too.

I’ll finish up our trip next post.  Only a few pictures to go.:)


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One response to “Somewhere between Oklahoma & Ohio

  1. Thanks for posting about your trip! SO sorry to hear about the truck problems, but glad you made it after all!

    A few years back we had similar problems. The Suburban had just gotten fixed in one town, and not a day down the road, here we go again with another problem! God is faithful though and we were so thankful that no-one was injured as a result.

    I know what you mean about husbands being able to drive…and drive! We used to take frequent trips ot Canada to visit my husband’s relatives. He amazed me at how long he could keep driving. We would regularly put in 12-14 hour days.

    What a quaint town to rest in! Route 66 is so neat.

    Sorry I can’t help you out on that turtle. I am rather “nature illiterate” I’m afraid 🙂

    I’m glad you had such a good trip and God gave you safety. We’ll look for part 3!

    Beth Discher

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