The Final Post on our Ohio Trip – Camp Activities

This is it; the final post chronicling our trip to Ohio.

At this youth camp they have activities for all ages.  During their craft class even Audrey and Justus were able to participate.  This class made wooden paddle wheel boats one day and the next they raced them in a little swimming pool.

I promise.  I did not make Audrey go to this class.  I’m not sure what her problem was but she got over it shortly.  Looks like she’s been having a red popsicle again.

They had a cake decorating class for the girls that were interested and a sewing class and the boys had an opportunity to learn about small engine repair (using lawnmowers).  My boys didn’t do any of those things.  They stayed on the volleyball court the entire week.



Serenity’s dorm had special things going on at night before they went to bed.  This one was a skit that looks like fun.


After camp we went and stayed a few days with a couple that have been dear friends through the years.  It was like a reunion – for 2 other couples, besides my sister and her family,  stayed there as well that were chums of ours before we married.  We had a great 4th of July weekend visiting, eating delicious food, playing volleyball and another game called corn holes (I think that’s what it’s called.) which I had never heard of.

My sister and her family.  Don’t they look great in their nicely coordinating outfits.  She always has her family dressed in like colors.

Unlike her younger sister – (blush, blush)

who also got a snapshot of her family taken that Sunday morning.  We are more like a rainbow family.  🙂


Sunday afternoon we left to make the long trek back to Arizona.  We drove (actually we  did not drive  – Russell drove) for 31 hours straight and then got a hotel that night.  This is the next day and the kids are starting to look pretty happy about the thought of reaching home.


But I left a part of me in Ohio.  My Seth. (who will be staying there to work all summer)



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2 responses to “The Final Post on our Ohio Trip – Camp Activities

  1. It was fun bringing the other kids along but I like it just our family, too.

  2. Looks like a great time, Elisabeth. Your sister has a lovely family.

    31 HOURS?!?!?! Wow – that’s some serious travelling time!

    God Bless!
    –5 days overdue!

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