Swimmin’ at the Crick

I have a few minutes before I need to get busy in the kitchen cooking up things for the graduation party we’re having tomorrow night, so I thought I’d post some pictures of the  swimming hole we went to yesterday. 

I love the diversity of Arizona.  Hot burning desert, sand, cactus and rocks usually come to mind when you think of Arizona but it really isn’t all that.  I think I’ve heard it’s the 3rd state in the nation for its diversity – California & Florida being #1 and #2. 

To find complete privacy we hiked about 1/2 mile. 


With it being over 100°F  we were good and hot by the time we arrived.


Isn’t it beautiful?  In a lot of areas the water was 3-4′ deep and in some areas 6′ or more.


Justus was quite scared of the water at first but mellowed out after about 4 hours awhile.  Audrey loved it and was never bothered.


The boy on the left is visiting us from Michigan.  He was our inspiration for going since we were wanting to do something away from the house while he was here.  Sometimes if you don’t have an impetus you just never do it.  So I’m glad he came to visit. 


This spot where Serenity is jumping into is 6′ or more deep. 

Aiming to land on the raft…


Looks like she’s going to nail it…


Whee! 🙂


A good day was had by all



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2 responses to “Swimmin’ at the Crick

  1. Aww! What fun! I absolutely love cool, fresh creeks on a hot summer day!
    Especially if they are private. 🙂


  2. Is that crik on your property? It’s just beautiful!

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