Goat Pen Construction

To do a little catching up on what’s been happening around the farm, here are some pictures of the latest building added.  There are quite a few pictures, so if your browser is slow you’ll have to be patient.

After losing about 5 goats to mountain lion attacks, Russell decided to make them an enclosed building that we could lock them into at night. 

The shelter was built using the leftover wood from our barn.  Russell and the boys felled the trees themselves a few years ago and milled them – thus making their own lumber.  I love this rustic look.


These girls just had to see it up close.  So much more fun.


The enclosure was built at our house but that wasn’t where we were putting it.  It needed to be at the adjacent 20 acres – which meant it had to be moved.  Thus, the chain across the tin roof was in preparation.


The backhoe figured into the plan.


Wesley, with his strong muscles was there to help balance.  Check out those feet.  Nevermind not having a hard hat, we don’t even have shoes!  That’s farm boys for you.  Shoes are almost like a punishment. 😀


Okay, it’s up in the air; now where are we going with it???


Surely not…  Isn’t it a bit small?


Yes, I do believe that’s exactly where it is going.


Almmmooost there.  Just a little bit more.


Made it!


My husband thinks of some of the oddest ways to do things.  They’re definitely not always the traditional way but generally they work. 🙂  Go hubby!


Where it finally came to rest


And if the goats aren’t so thrilled with their new home, they should be.  Their lives have been spared.  They now can feel free to have more kids and we might be able to have us some milk!  That would be nice for a change.  😛


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  1. Nice pen! Looks like a great place for kids to play (heehee). My daughter sooo wants us to raise goats someday…she loves the milk!

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