Quick Trip to Boston

I’ve been somewhat distracted from writing lately due to other distractions.  Just this past weekend Russell & I took a quick trip to Boston.  There was a book show that we wanted to check out as a potential source for inventory for our online book business.

Now maybe I can’t say definitively that Boston is not my kind of town since I was only there for about 4 days, but I sure was longing for home.  Give me the wide open spaces, less noise and cleaner air.  The people were quite friendly – friendlier than I think you would find Arizonans but what bothered me the most was the immorality.  Everywhere you looked there were women dressed or should I say undressed to the point of almost being exposed.  I thought things were bad in Arizona but Boston is the worst I’ve ever seen.  The women had no shame. 

We did spend one day walking along the Freedom Trail.

 This is the Granary Burying Ground established in 1660.  The tall obelisk in the middle is where Benjamen Franklin’s parents are buried.  Also buried in this graveyard are James Otis, Samuel Adams, Robert Paine and those who died in the Boston Massacre.


John Hancock’s Grave


Paul Revere’s Grave


See that tiny building at the far end of the street?  That is the Old State House – Boston’s oldest public building.  It was built in 1713 as the seat for the British colonial government.  This is where the Stamp Act and the Writs of Assistance were debated. 


And right here, on the balcony of the same building, the Declaration of Independence was first read to the Bostonians July 18, 1776


I had to take this picture of a father and his two sons riding on unicycles in downtown Boston for our friends in PA. 😉


And finally, Faneuil Hall where our founding fathers met for organized protests against British tyranny, prior to the Revolution.

And that about sums up what we saw of Boston- besides its subways which, by the way,  are the oldest ones in the nation.



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3 responses to “Quick Trip to Boston

  1. So glad you had a good experience in Boston! My husband and I and one daughter’s family went to Boston for the Reformation 500 celebration in July. I did NOT want to go, knowing I do not like Yankee towns! But knowing how much we always appreciate the Vision Forum events, and knowing how much our daughter wanted us to go, we went.

    It was a wonderful event! The city was so memorable, as you have depicted in your pictures. I was kinda sidelined in the hotel, but my husband and the Stricklens had a great time on the Faith and Freedom tours and the Children’s Parade in the Boston Public Gardens. There is real American history around every corner there, and I am so glad I went. Thanks for a glimpse at some of the places I didn’t see!

    Oh, BTW, have the mountain lions figured a way into the goat pen yet? Bobcats dig under our chicken house walls!!

    Bonnie Frodge
    in Florida

  2. Boston is one place we’d like to go on our trip. I can do without the city – too busy and crazy for me. The historical locations are the exciting parts for us! Thanks for the great photos, too!

  3. Joane

    Wow, Elisabeth! Those are awesome pictures.

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