Review – Beginning Public Speaking

Beginning Public Speaking Teacher's Guide

Beginning Public Speaking

Written by:  Teressa Moon 

Publisher:  Communicators for Christ


For the past several months I have been teaching a public speaking class to about 13 homeschoolers.  My guide for conducting the class has been Beginning Public Speaking by Teresa Moon, published by Communicators for Christ.  It has been a wonderful resource.

There is a Teacher’s Edition, Student Workpack & DVD which are all available from Communicators for Christ for the price of $99.95.  I did not have the DVD’s but used only the Teacher & Student Book and I think you really could just use the Teacher’s Edition and not purchase anything else.  The individual books can be purchased through Christian Book Distributors.

The books are aimed at ages 8-12 but I adapted it for use for younger and older students as well since we were a more informal group and wanted to include everyone that wished to participate.  It was so cute to watch the little ones get up and practice introductions, impromptu speeches and their delivery skills. 

I acutally split the class up.  The younger class consisted of children up to the age of 11.  While they were giving their speeches the older ones would play a game or go outside.  Then when the younger children finished we had the older class come in (ages 12-up) to give their speeches.


The book is laid out for 9 classes.  The types of speeches covered are:

Impromptu Speaking Introductions

Reading or Recitation of a short story or poem

Expository Speech

Humorous Interpretation



Dramatic/Humorous Interpretation

Persuasive Oratory


The class went in this order:  Discussion, Presentations, Activity & Assignment.  If you have the DVD’s you can even watch a demonstration of the type of speech that you are assigned for next class.  Since I did not have the DVD, I usually just gave the speech myself.

This course was excellent in exposing the children to various types of speeches and teaching them the basics needed in good speech delivery.  I would have really liked to purchase the DVD’s but felt the price was much too high but if you were to get several people to go in on it, it would be doable.  I highly recommend this course.



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4 responses to “Review – Beginning Public Speaking

  1. Elisabeth,
    Thanks so much for this review. I have been trying to research this curriculum for several weeks, but there isn’t much info or detail out there in cyber land. I thought I’d look one last time before ordering, and wouldn’t you know you did a post yesterday! I was really looking to find out if it could be done without buying the whole package, and you answered my question. 🙂 You said you gave the speeches yourself. Are the speeches printed in the teacher book? How long would you guess the prep for the teacher took before each class?

    • timbuck2mom


      I am so glad that the review was helpful to you.

      The speeches are not printed in the book and I actually didn’t give a sample speech every time we had class. But I always reviewed the tips that make for good public speaking. None of the children had the Student Workbook so I added in a few things that was not in the book.

      My preparation time was probably an hour for each class – sometimes less.

      You’re right, it is quite hard to find much information on these helps by Teresa Moon. I’d be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

  2. joane


    I want to publicly thank you for the wonderful job you did in teaching these classes! I can’t even express how helpful and absolutely FUN they were! I LOVE watching our children… they’re such an inspiration. Thank you so much for ALL that you do!!!

    There is one minor correction I would like to make, though. You said that since you didn’t have the DVD’s, you just gave the speech demonstations yourself. AHEM!!! You mean you and some of the other MOTHERS gave them. 🙂 I LOVED doing it, too!!! And the children seemed to really enjoy us getting up there. Our mess-ups even helped them to relax a little.

    • timbuck2mom

      You are absolutely correct, Joane. I involved all of the mothers when I could. I felt a little less pressure when everyone did it along with me. You were a natural and I really appreciated your willingness to give impromptu’s and the other types of speeches! We learned just how hard it is to do some of the things we were asking our kids to do! 🙂

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