Bread for our Middle Ages Market Stand

I arrived home yesterday to the lovely smell of bread wafting through the house.  The kids had been busy making 40+ loaves of bread for our Middle Ages Market.  We are going to have a market place where our guests that come to hear the children give speeches (see this post if you are wondering what I’m talking about) can shop and bargain for any goods they would like to purchase.  We made coin bags (see this post) several weeks ago and each family will be given one with “money” (flat marbles) inside to buy anything that pleases them in the marketplace.

One of the items we’re offering is bread.

Just look at these beauties.

It would have been nice to have the dark rye bread but since we hadn’t experimented with any recipes we used our tried and true 12-Grain Whole Wheat Bread recipe.

The tired bakers that worked at this for several hours.


Wesley had been in on the action the day before…


making these beauties… but sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Little brother (we won’t mention any names here 🙂 ) cranked the oven up to 500° and the bread burnt some on the outside and was doughy on the inside.  😦  We get to eat this bread but we had to make some more for our guests.  This was before the bread went into the oven.


Thus, Wesley retired from the kitchen and Zachary became Serenity’s assistant baker.


Not to leave Wesley out, we let him come back in and do some clean-up!


Even though he’s wearing the same shirt this really was the day before.  I think he looks like he was having more fun making bread than… 


washing dishes.  What do you think?


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One response to “Bread for our Middle Ages Market Stand

  1. Rebekah

    Save some bread for me it looks great. Thank goodness Zachary got his antalope so he could help in the kitchen.
    We all know how Wesley loves to do clean up work. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing all the pictures from Saturday.

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