Hunting Fever

About this time of year, hunting fever sets in.  There are elk and deer hunts on the schedule in the upcoming months and just this past Friday antelope season started.  Zachary was drawn for a unit that gave out only 4 tags and there was an average of 70 people who put in their name per tag.  He was one of the lucky ones.  He was fortunate enough to be blessed with an antelope opening day (September 4) which was wonderful since we had our Middle Ages Co-op on Saturday.  This way he wasn’t being pulled in two directions. 

Did you know these facts about antelope?

They have exceptional eyesight – they have been compared to high powered binoculars

Average life span – 6-8 years

Speed – faster than 60mph

Gestation period – longer than any other big-game animal in the U.S.


I’ve included several photos of Zachary on his antelope hunt for the sake of Seth (my 18yos) who’s still in Ohio. 


Zachary looks pretty happy about the whole thing 


Make that quite happy 😀


It was a family event.  They think hunting is so fun that they all wanted to go.?? (sorry, can’t relate fellows)  I think Justus, our little fellow, walked 6 miles that day.


They even had someone else, who loves hunting more than eating I think, join them.  He’s the one who brought his camera and took pictures.  In case you wonder just how big antelope horns get, this particular one is large enough that it could be listed in the Boone & Crockett Record Book.

The boys were quite happy with the horns, I am happy to have the meat. 

Does your family hunt?



(An update on our Middle Ages Co-op Day is forthcoming in the coming days.)


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One response to “Hunting Fever

  1. Peter is impressed…we’re all impressed…VERY impressed! Great job, Zachary! How many people have even shot an antelope, let alone a record breaking kill?

    Our men love to hunt, although they don’t do a whole lot of it. They’re hoping to do more when we move to MO on that 220 acres.

    The Dischers

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