Our Middle Ages Co-op Day – Part II

To see part I of our day go to my post on Our Middle Ages Co-op Day – Part I

Just at the time our event began, the rain completely stopped (after raining for 4 hours) and it was quite beautiful outside.  It was too late to change anything so we continued with having the event in the racquetball court.

The marketplace was so much fun for everyone.


We told the kids to haggle and to be loud when offering what was at their table.  “Fresh bread and butter.  2 shillings!”



We also told our guests beforehand to haggle because once the “coins” in their moneybags was gone, it was gone.  Everyone did great on the haggling.  It was a very lively marketplace.


Newspapers were sold.


A lord helping his lady down the hillside.


Since we are of Scottish descent my Zachary told some of William Wallace’s life story.  Someone at our church had a Scottish kilt, of what clan I do not know, and we were able to borrow a Wallace tam.  The afghan which is almost identical to a Wallace plaid we found at Goodw*ll.  Zachary’s form of speech was a dramatic interpretation and if you do not know what that is ( we learned about it during our speech class) you can look it up on YouT*be.  It’s a very fun and interesting way to give a speech.  Do you see the knife he is holding in his hand?  Zachary and Wesley both made one. (Wesley’s is still the size of a spear.)  They spent hours working on it.  They built a fire that burned all day so that the coals would be extremely hot.  They pounded and pounded their piece of rebar until they had the shape they wanted.  You know how much satisfaction one gets the more effort they put into it, well they are so happy with the end result.


Why don’t I just show you a close-up picture of it?


This was the first time for all these little ones to give a speech.  Not too many years from now, they’ll be so big.


We were taken on a tour of different rooms in the castle.  This was the dungeon.


Wesley was an old man telling his grandchildren the story of King Alfred, whom he had fought with in his younger years.  Wesley was breathing heavily the whole time he gave his speech.  At first I thought it was part of it but then I realized that he was having a hard time breathing with that big beard!


At intermission, the lads had a melee.  We had about 12 swords.  Eventually, they made up teams.  Sometimes one side would charge the other side and demolish their army.  At other times they would have several people in the “ring” at one time.




“Joan of Arc”


Our family, minus one.  Where are you, Seth?


This royal family’s servant (daughter)  prepared the food for everyone (about 80 people) as part of her high school requirements.  The meal was perfectly done and served right on time.  A++  Then the royal family served it. 


Speeches are all done.  Whew.  Time to eat, talk and relax/play (depending on your age 🙂 )


And finally, a group picture of all who spoke.  (The spots are caused by dust in the air.)



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6 responses to “Our Middle Ages Co-op Day – Part II

  1. Wow…Y’all put a lot of work into this! It looks like it was tons of fun. Y’all are very creative. 🙂


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  3. I just had to look for the final part and read it. Love it! Great job!!

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