Elk Hunting Camp 2009

I survived our annual elk hunt.  Dirt, dust and campfire smoke was the worst of it.  The best of it was making good food for hungry hunters, spending time with friends and getting to know new ones.  Our family, as well as my sister’s family, were there to the bitter end (an entire week!).  It was so good to spend time with them. 

I didn’t get this dirty but I felt it. 🙂


The kids have the best time and really look forward to the hunting camp.


Slamwich & Dutch Blitz were the favorite games this year.


We had over 60 people this year.  What happened to going to the woods for a little peace and quiet? 😉


Russell was only getting about 3-4 hours of rest each night  due to the fact that some elk were shot in the quiet area (where no vehicle can go) in the evening time and had to be packed out.  He also did locating at night (driving the roads and playing an electronic elk call to see if he could get a response) so that he could direct people where to go the next morning.  He is such a people person.  This is such a joy and delight to him to be able to serve people this way.  Myself?  Well I prefer a bit more rest than that. 🙂 

Here is my hunter girl.  She got her elk again this year with 1 shot. 


Developing muscles and accuracy


I experimented with my Dutch Oven.  No briquettes just live coals from the wood.  I was really hoping it would work because this was the main part of their breakfast one morning!


It worked; it wasn’t even burnt.  I, of course, was thrilled.


Wesley, having a good laugh with his cousin.


There’s that bearded man who showed up at my house a week ago.


Half man, half beast.  Another one of my interesting, slightly strange, dare I admit(?), sons. 


Finally, when it was time for some to depart we just couldn’t handle it and had to try and stop them.  It didn’t work. 😦

One by one everyone left until it was just us and my sister’s family.  Hunting season was over and we had to pack up, too.  The food supply was almost gone and showers were desperately needed.  Good reasons to head home.



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2 responses to “Elk Hunting Camp 2009

  1. Looks like an absolutely great time! My husband and boys would LOVE to hunt elk, but if you hunt them here (Arkansas) you get put in jail! I think your Dutch oven cooking turned out great.

    Katie Miller
    (Beth Discher’s sister)

  2. Good job on the Dutch Oven! Was that quiche?

    That picture of Zachary looks like something my kids would do. So funny!

    Beth Discher
    (Katie Miller’s sister) ha ha

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