Photos of a Cowboy Kid

Probably inspired by Serenity’s photo shoot with Audrey, I decided to try one myself.  Usually, I take the children to a professional photographer but with funds being tight, I’ve been hesitating.  Too long as a matter of fact.  I like to get a picture of them when they turn 13.  That didn’t happen with Wesley and he’s now 14.  Oh, dear! 

I also like to get a picture of them at age 6.  Since Justus turned 6 in April, it was time for him.  I had the clothes I wanted him to wear and so one day this past week, we decided to just take the pictures.   Getting pictures of children is no easy task.

First it started off with the slouch and little to no smile, “because I’m a cowboy” .

Then it was the stiff as a board look.

We got rid of the stiff look but the smile still isn’t right and the head is too tilted.

Because the smiles were minimal, mom, (that’s me, folks 🙂 ) decided to help out a little.  I grabbed his mountain man “necessary bag” in which he had a few pieces of candy and pretended I was going to eat them.  Instead of the big smile because mom is so funny, I got the stunned and distressed look. 😦 Okay, forget that! 

Okay, time for some fun…

The serious, contemplative cowboy.

But then we started making progress towards getting a few good ones.

Until finally we got this one.  And guess what?  This picture and the composition of it was all Justus’s idea.

Off to C*stco online we went and ordered all the pictures I wanted, 8×10, 5×7’s and some 4×6’s.  All for about $4 for a grand savings of over $140.  Fantastic!

Can I show you a few more?  Here’s one that Serenity set up.  She wanted Justus in the foreground and Audrey in the background.  Cute.

And finally, Daddy and his little girl.  (I have a similar picture of Serenity when she was the same age (3) wearing the very same outfit. It’s one of my favorite photos and I always wanted to get the same picture with Audrey.)



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2 responses to “Photos of a Cowboy Kid

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I always enjoy ones like this more than studio shots.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Sorry it’s been a while. Life gets the best of me most days, and blog-reading often falls to the wayside.

  2. Katie Miller

    Great pictures, even the ones you didn’t think turned out well!

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