My Son Has Returned

My son has returned!  Seth made the drive back from Ohio and arrived last night.  Sometimes you just don’t know what your kids are capable of and he did surprise me.  He seemed to handle the drive well; we made sure that we called him quite frequently to see how he was doing.  The first day he drove 8 hours to my mom’s and stayed overnight.  The next day I think he drove 12 or 16 hours and still wanted to go on but Russell booked him a motel room so that he could get some decent rest – and because he knows how dangerous it can be to drive when you’re tired.

The next morning Seth left at about 5:30 a.m.  An hour or two later, as he was driving, he saw on the opposite side of the freeway a car flip from end to end.  He parked (about 200 yards down the road), grabbed his knife and ran back. 

For a little background as to why he grabbed his knife.  A year ago as our family was driving down the freeway to Louisiana a van went off the road right in front of us and rolled.  We stopped and the boys all ran to the van.  The van was still upside down and there was a man trying to get out of his seat belt and having trouble.  This incident made Seth think about what he would if he was ever in a situation like this again.

Back to the present.  Seth grabbed his knife and ran back thinking that if the car caught on fire and they needed help getting out, he would be able to assist.  (I was impressed with his quick action.  But I guess this is what they say you should do.  Think through how you would react in an emergency so that if the time comes and you need to act, you are not paralyzed wondering what to do.)

When he arrived at the car there was another man there already.  It was a lady and two children.  One child was in a car seat and the other had been thrown out.  The child in the car seat was fine.  The mother crawled (she couldn’t walk) over to her little girl who had been thrown out and kept saying, “I’m sorry my babies, I’m so sorry.”  After she reached her girl she was in terrible pain with her legs.  Seth thought her legs and 1 arm was broken and that the little girls arm was broken.  It really touched Seth to see this mother so obviously concerned for her children.  That’s a mothers love isn’t it?  I know all us mom’s can relate.  We would give our lives for our children in order to spare them.

Seth stayed until the ambulance and police arrived (about 25 minutes), holding the baby for a little while and covering them with a blanket.  The police officer told Seth when he was leaving to be careful.  Seth was thinking, “I sure will after seeing this.”

What was the cause of the accident?  The lady bent down to pick something up from off the floor.

I’m thankful that the Lord brought him safely home and that the accident he saw was not even more horrific.

A grateful mom…



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2 responses to “My Son Has Returned

  1. Enjoy your blog. Wow, what a story and your son’s quick reaction was very impressive.

    Yes, a mother and father’s love for their children is incredibly strong. Makes me think of how much more our Heavenly Father loves us.

    Happy hunting,
    The Pollocks

  2. Lucille

    So glad to hear Seth made it home safely. We all miss him back here, but glad he was able to be with us as long as he was. You can sure be proud of him as he is a VERY responsible and capable young man.

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