A Thanksgiving Blessing

While most of you were having a wonderful day celebrating Thanksgiving, we were holding a different celebration.  Not all of us, since Russell and some of the boys were gone deer hunting but those of us who stayed behind wished… 



a happy 4th birthday!  She wanted gingerbread pancakes for breakfast.  Serenity made her some M*ckey Mouse artwork. 


Little Audrey is at such a fun age.  Russell always tells her she’s a nice girl and his little princess.  If he ever just mentions that she’s his little princess, she’ll tack on… “And a nice girl.” 

Our two girls are 8 years apart in age but were both born during the Thanksgiving week, so we never can forget to be thankful for these 2 blessings.

There was no turkey with all the trimmings for us and no house full of people.  That was different.   It’s nice to be with family celebrating the day, isn’t it?  I really missed that this year.  So we didn’t have our dinner and special family time but we’re going to make up for it tonight with a nice meal. 

The cranberry sauce is already made. 


I think I’m the only one who will eat it with my turkey.  One of the kids wondered if I was making a drink when they saw it in this glass and thought it looked a little “chunky”.  Another one didn’t know what it was when he saw the picture but thought it looked good and was asking if he could have some. 

What’s it like at your house?  Is it thumbs up or thumbs down for cranberry sauce?


Other happenings on the farm this week…  

I tried out a therapeutic foot bath on Zachary.  Everyone else wanted to try it and for the next 2 days they kept that bucket filled with warm water.  What do you think was the result?  Yes!  Clean feet for 2 days!!
A tip 🙂 for you mothers.  If you live on a farm and your kids go barefoot, you might want to introduce the foot bath.  You won’t have any trouble getting them to soak their feet and they’ll be wrinkly clean.   Of course, nobody said you couldn’t try it, too. 🙂  Go ahead and then let me know how refreshing and relaxing it felt.  I won’t say “I told you so.”  Promise. 🙂




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One response to “A Thanksgiving Blessing

  1. Elisabeth,
    The foot bath!!! Yes, maybe now we can have some clean farm feet around here, for a few hours anyway 🙂

    The chunky cranberry delight looks wonderful to me. Our family is about half n half about cranberries around here, but we always have it for Thanksgiving, no matter what.

    You can tell your birthday girl that I think she is precious, to go along with the “nice”.

    Still enjoying the blog,
    Tina for the P’s

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