An American Girl Doll Party

Saturday’s big to-do was for Serenity’s 12th birthday.  We decided to go with a doll theme.  Several years ago Serenity and I went to the American Girl store in Chicago.  What a good time we had together.  We didn’t eat at the AG Cafe but we went in and took pictures.  It was beautifully decorated in pink and black.  We decided to use these colors for our party.  Even though everyone did not have an AG doll, we knew that most, if not all, had 18″ dolls. 

We purchased our supplies at Hobby Lobby.  (See the party hat Serenity made for her doll?  She gave one to each girl as they arrived.)

The dolls had their own table. 

The dolls needed something to eat while the girls had their lunch, so each girl made “food” out of Sculpey clay.  (With this clay you make your creation and then bake it in the oven.  It then becomes hard.)

Mmmm.  Yum.  Spaghetti, a banana and a pie.  The girls also decorated, using stickers, little bags to hold their dolls food.

The girls’ lunch was quite simple fare compared to some of the creations made. 🙂

After lunch they made little mini-cakes out of oreo’s.

Serenity didn’t want cake for her birthday so we settled on pies.  I thought it might be enjoyable for the girls to make their own mini-pie, so on Friday I made the pie crusts and put the bottom crust into each of the mini pans I purchased at W*l-M*rt.  From the spare refrigerator the girls picked a tin…

now all we had to do was place some fresh apple slices into the pan and scoop enough of Mom’s apple pie filling she canned a few years ago in until it was filled to the top.

While a another mom, who stayed to help, (so glad for that!) was busy with the apples, I was on the other end of the counter rolling dough and cutting strips.  The girls then did a lattice weave for the top of their pies.

I think they did a great job, don’t you?

While the pies were baking off we went to play some outdoor games.

Coconut’s (the dog) leash was tangled and we had to untangle it before we could go on a walk. (Coconut is a dog in the AG collection.)

Next was the always fun relay of getting extra clothes on, boots & hat and running to tag your team and then running back to take off your extra clothes.

Justus did a practice run for me the day before to make sure everything would work okay.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

After the relays the girls made either a bracelet or necklace for their dolls.

Audrey made this bracelet.

This was the quietest bunch of children I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Me and my girls. 🙂

What a fun but hectic day for me.



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2 responses to “An American Girl Doll Party

  1. Oh! What fun!!! I always wanted to do a doll party. Maybe I will for Rosie’s 10th. The party was very creative. Hats off to Mom!


  2. Joane

    hahahaha! I just noticed that Melody’s doll’s hair is WILD….. just like her mommy (meaning Melody herself)

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