These Strange American Traditions

About 8 years ago a couple moved here to Arizona from Democratic Republic of the Congo/South Africa.  He (Abel) was from Democratic Republic of the Congo and she (Hattie) was from South Africa.  The morning after they were married they left South Africa.  They came so that Abel could attend an aeronautical university and finally after this many years he has completed his course of study and was given his diploma on Saturday!

Abel’s sister and brother-in-law travelled from Congo to the U.S. to be here.  Now they will be visiting a few different states for the next couple of months.  She was 14 when she married this man and he was 26.  Can you believe it? 

 My good friend, Hattie (his wife).

 My friend has only seen her mother once since she married and that was when we travelled to South Africa with them 3 years ago.  Abel & Hattie had two children at the time.   She has since had two more children that her family have not seen.  She was unable to see her father while in South Africa since he had to be away on urgent business.  This lady is amazing to me – always cheerful even though she misses her homeland and family SO MUCH!

We had a luncheon at our house after the graduation and then at about 5:00 we went to a rented hall where our church had a holiday supper.  There was a special cake made for Abel.  Russell gave a congratulations speech to Abel and then asked him to step up and give a speech.  After the graduate gave his speech, Russell announced that Abel would now cut the cake.  Abel asked where the knife was and Russell (in jest) said, “Oh, you just karate chop it.”  He had no sooner said that then Abel got in karate stance and yelled “Ai-yiii” and hit the cake with a resounding chop splitting it in two!  

Okay, well maybe he didn’t hit it with a resounding chop (how does a cake resound anyways? 🙂 ) and he didn’t go into a karate stance but he did think it was part of our tradition and effectively split the cake in two with his hand!!

Check out that hand.  Red Velvet cake hanging all over.  Kinda makes him look bloody.  Ugh. 

Lesson to be learned.  Always be sure of what you say.  You just never know when it might be taken literally!



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2 responses to “These Strange American Traditions

  1. Candace Fraijo

    The picture of Brother Able and his cake made me laugh really hard…

  2. Lydia

    That was soooo funny!

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