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The Birth of Baby Kids – Goat kids, I Mean

Last night when all was cold and overcast, 3 goat kids were born.

There was one kid that found its legs rather quickly.

Sometimes you get worried thinking the kids might be weak since they just lay there.  The mother seemed unconcerned, not licking them or giving them any milk.

I suppose this doe had other things on her mind though.  She was still trying to deliver the placenta.  Since I have only arrived at a birth after the babies are born and the placenta is nowhere to be seen, I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not.  But I found out last night it is how it’s supposed to be.

While Sugar, the momma doe, was busy with other things the second doe finally got to his feet.  Isn’t he cute?

The third kid just lay there for probably an hour.

Brother and sister…

I did learn that the momma doe paid more attention to the ones who got on their feet and would lick them and smell them while ignoring the ones who lay in the straw.

Sugar also commenced eating her placenta – a perfectly normal procedure of goats.

Finally Sugar found her 3rd kid and started to lick him and give him some attention.  Over an hour had passed.

A piglet was also added to our farm last night.  He wasn’t born here but was brought here.  Wesley’s raising him for his 4-H project.  He’ll sell him in April at the 4-H auction.

I had to go see what the other farm animals thought of the new arrivals.  This one was very curious of the flash on my camera.

The hens and the roosters were trying to sleep through the whole thing and the dogs were frolicing about while…

Sugar loved on her babies.

That was last night.  This morning Serenity found this…

All is well in their little world, safe and secure with their momma.



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