A Skunk by Any Other Name is Still a Skunk!

Settling down into my nice comfy bed, getting ready for a restful night, I heard the dog start barking.   I figured there probably was a skunk nearby since they seem to be in plentiful supply around here.

The barking continued for a while but then the bark changed slightly – making me think our dog must be really close to the animal.  It was.  Not only was she close to the wild animal, the animal was close to ME!  Probably only 5-10′ away because by now it was AT OUR HOUSE by my bedroom!!  Then it not only was at our house but UNDER our house.   The skunk broke through a screened vent we have that vents our basement crawl-space. How do we know this?  The evidence was found this morning.  A bent up vent laying on the ground.

After plunging through our vent, the skunk sprayed!! I have NEVER smelled such an abominable odor in my life.  I have smelled plenty of skunks but nothing like this.  It was the regular skunk smell but it also smelled like a mixture of tar or something burning.  Absolutely horrible.

Things were so bad I buried my face in my husband’s armpit – something I do not generally practice, as you might understand.  Not that he  smells bad but that’s just not my normal pattern – to snuggle up to his armpit. 😉  It worked very nicely – for a while – but then I needed some cool air.  Next I decided to rub some essential oil on my face.  That wasn’t as effective.   I wandered in the hallway which was the worst place of all because there was no place for the smell to dissipate, only to find Zachary stumbling out of his room with a paint mask that had side respirators on and all his bedding.  About that time the smell overcame me and I started gagging.  Every time I would quit gagging and would take in more fresh(?) 🙂 air, I’d start gagging again.  Ironically, the only clear air I could find was outside.

Serenity’s room didn’t smell too bad so that’s where Russell and I landed for the night.  Zachary slept in the walleyball court and Wesley in his closet.  When Wesley went in there with his blankets, he asked Seth if he wanted to sleep in there, too.  Seth said, “No, I’ll be fine,” but in just a few short minutes the closet door opened and in came Seth. 🙂

A search is currently being made to ascertain whether the skunk went out when the dog left or if it decided to take up residence under our house! In the meantime we’re still trying to air out our bedroom and hall.  🙂



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2 responses to “A Skunk by Any Other Name is Still a Skunk!

  1. Mary Hatfield

    We had that happen once at another house we lived in. We packed up and went and spent the night at my parents. 🙂 maybe even two nights. Seems like it took a few days for the smell to go away. I feel for you!! Never thought of resorting to the armpit. lol

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