Do I Smell Something? – Skunk Update

My husband walks into the post office and the lady asks him, “Did you get sprayed by a skunk?” (Whoa!  Excuse me??  Did you just say what I think you said?)

Our room still has the faint odor of skunk so our clothes are probably absorbing that. Aghhh!  When we opened our laptop computer case yesterday the smell was strong.  Thankfully the weather has been very nice outside so we’re able to open the windows during the day.  I don’t know of any other solutions.

I’m just imagining when all 8 of us go to church and trudge down the aisle what it will be like. 🙂  We’re blissfully walking to our seats and unbeknownst to us a little black odor is following behind.  This episode with the skunk could get very memorable, not to mention downright embarrassing!



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2 responses to “Do I Smell Something? – Skunk Update

  1. Joane

    Hey! We still love you. No need to be embarrassed. It could happen to ANY of us 🙂

    My children know me well and know that I have to smell EVERY book that comes into my hand. So, when Lydia hands me a book Zachary lent her…. I naturally had to smell it. Sink me if it didn’t smell like a skunk! I know… I’m not helping, am I? hee hee. 🙂

  2. Lucille

    Now I understand the “rest of the story” from our talk the other night. Because my phone was cutting out when we were talking, I didn’t get the whole picture, but hated to interrupt the story when it was done.

    I hope you can find some way to get rid of it as I’m sure that has to be so awful to deal with. Feel for you.

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