The Farm Has Grown

Our little farm is growing!  We have now added 3 more goats – Boer meat goats.  This breed is originally from South Africa.  I’m planning to start a little business venture selling the kids.  At first I want to keep my does and sell only the bucks until we have all the does we need.  Since the goats are free ranging on all the brush that’s around us feed costs are very minimal.  At evening time they come back to their pen where they are rewarded with some grain.  We then lock them up for the night to help keep them safe from predators (i.e. mountain lions & coyotes).

My husband built me a great pen using hog panels.  I am so thankful to him!  It’s more than big enough for the 15 goats we currently have and if we want to add on later, we still have plenty of room to expand. 🙂  We still have a few more pens (kidding pens) to build but that will come a little later.

Here is my new Boer buck.  He’s very gentle – good thing, with horns like that!

My 2 Boer does.

Establishing who’s in charge…

Notice the nice big pen in the background

“Kidding around” – A brother and sister.

I have a lot to learn but I’ve got my handy goat reference book and of course, I can ask my boys some things since they’ve been the ones caring for the goats till this time.

Now, instead of smelling like a skunk, I’ll have that nice barnyard aroma.  Things are only getting better and better around here.  Hee, hee. 🙂


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  1. The goats are very nice looking! I love the boar faces, ears, and noses! They look a bit different than Nubians.

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