EXPO 2010 Update

Snow, rain and cold have marked the last few days.  EXPO 2010 was not one of the better years for weather. 😦  Here’s what we had 2 days ago.

Fortunately, our club was able to stay a little more warm and dry because every year we bring our wall tent and set it up for meals.  Inside is filled with tables and chairs and breakfast, lunch and supper are served there by different families in our club.

We have a lot of great kids in our club this year.  Isn’t this 1st year 4-H’er adorable?  His dad manages a cattle ranch but they’ve never had pigs until this year.  They had so much fun with it, the dad bought another for them to raise and then butcher.  I can’t say my feelings of pigs match up with this families. LOL

Justus has been having such a great time here at EXPO.  He’s been getting up every morning at 6:30 with the boys to go feed and water their animals.  Here he’s following Zachary carrying the clippers.  You must have your lambs sheared before you arrive at EXPO but you are allowed to do some finishing touches once you are here.  That’s what Zachary was doing.  You also clip your pigs which Wesley did the night before his show.

Up at indoor exhibits are displayed educational posters like this one.  Have you ever heard of a rabbit going through an agility course like a dog does?  I never had.  Quite hilarious, I think.

This is quilling, which our 4-H leader taught.  This was actually done by a girl from our church.

By another girl from our church.

This quilling project won overall.

Check out some of the cake decorating talent the kids have.  The girl who made this pig cake is a pig breeder.  She made a cupcake for every year she’s been in 4-H. 

Isn’t this a gorgeous cake?

Leaving the indoor exhibits and back at the show ring…  I love the beautiful beef animals.  (I never know if I should call them cows, steers or what.  I’m a learnin’.)

So what do you do when you’re all finished showing your lamb?  He looks slightly out of control.  I think I’d better watch out.

Intense concentration… and whew! he made it past me.

Wesley placed 3rd in his class for confirmation and in showmanship  (which is shown here) he made the first cut but ended up not placing.  Wesley and the other 2 girls are all in the same club.  Wesley used to give the girl on the far left some stiff competition in showmanship but the last few years he’s been slipping.   The girl on the far left won Reserve Grand Champion Confirmation and Reserve Grand Champion Showman.  She also breeds pigs which is where Wesley purchased his.

Update on Zachary and Serenity.  Serenity’s lamb, not being at its optimum weight did not do well in confirmation.  She also did not place in showmanship. Last year she had Grand Champion Lamb and Reserve Grand Champion Showman.  What a change from last year.  It helps keep a person humble, right? 🙂

 Zachary’s lamb placed 1st in its class and overall was 3rd.  He was in the final drive for showmanship but ultimately did not place. 

Today is the auction.  I hope Serenity is able to make a decent profit.  Typically, lambs bring the lowest and since her lamb didn’t weigh as much as it should (113 lbs) she’ll need to make more per pound than Zachary will with his lamb.


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