The Week in Review

So many things happened this week that I didn’t post about, so I’m going to just do a week in review with pictures.  (that’s me, lots of pictures 🙂 )

Seth left for Manitoba, Canada, Monday morning at 12 a.m.  I’m  missing him!  I grab 8 forks out of the drawer to set the table and then realize, oops! I only need 7.

Russell took me on an anniversary get-away.  Our anniversary was in April while the 4-H EXPO was going so we had to hold the celebration. 🙂  21 years.  Unbelievable that it has went by that quickly!

When we arrived home from our time at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, which is very reasonable this time of year because of P*riceline (our little secret 🙂 ), we found this awaiting us, along with the cutest pop-up cards..

put together by our Serenity, our always thoughtful and sweet dear daughter.

Excitement was great over our arrival home.

I was very excited, too, to hear that they had cleaned the house as well as the outside yard.  They worked SO HARD!  Thank you, Zachary for thinking of every little detail.  What a blessing for mom because it was just in time for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday celebration we held at our house on Saturday.  

Before Saturday arrived, baby chicks were delivered.

I now have a permanent chick enclosure, thanks to Russell.  Awesome.

The week ended with the 80th birthday celebration for my husband’s dad.  Here you have the most lively, spunky and energetic person you will ever meet.  He has more energy than people 20 years younger.  He’s also one of the friendliest and hospitable.  There’s one other person I have met who rivals him in all these areas and that is the same age and his name is Al.  They give hope to those of us in our 40’s who are feeling old already. LOL

Here’s the clan and if you know your tartans, you’ll be able to figure out what Scottish clan we belong to.  My father-in-laws only brother is sitting next to him.  They had went to some highland games earlier in the day and wore their plaids.  This is the whole family except for about 21!  As my mother-in-law said, “This is a pretty big crowd for just starting off with 2 people.”

And that, dear friends, is my week in review.


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  1. Wow! I love the pics!!! Especially the last one! The tartans are great!! 😀 Wallace clan, ye do warm mah heart! 😀

    Happy belated Anniversary to ye, Brother Russell and Sister Elisabeth! 🙂

    …And Happy Birthday Brother Laverne!

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