A Completed Peg Board for My Sewing Area

It’s done.  I actually completed my own peg board after being inspired by Cami at Creating by Cami.

Here’s one of them…

and here’s the second one… (The black string was some I found in our barn that held a hay bale together. 🙂 )

My brother-in-law gave us quite a bit of peg board that he had used in his furniture store.  It was pink but my laundry room is beige & black…

so Serenity spray painted them.

then we hot glued white ric-rac along the edges.

Then I used the peg board holders that I purchased from Home Depot and placed them where I wanted.  So easy, so fun!  Oh yes! and somewhere between the time we glued the ric rac on and I placed the items on my board, my husband screwed the board into the wall.

Does this really qualify as a craft?  I don’t know but I sure felt crafty when we finished. 🙂


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One response to “A Completed Peg Board for My Sewing Area

  1. Way cute! I love how you added the ric rac. Maybe I should jazz mine up a bit! Thanks for all the comments, and I do confess, I can’t help look at my blog to see the comments and such. A girl can only give up so much before she goes crazy!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your room!

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