The Week in Review – 5/9/10

The week started off with Mother’s Day.  The kids in Sunday School sang a nice song about mothers and gave us each a red rose as well as these cute little teapots with a tea bag in them.  Such a cute idea.

This picture was not taken on Sunday.  Justus really didn’t wear this spotty t-shirt to church.  Really! 🙂

Then we had boys arrive from Tucson and Michigan.  My boys and them wanted to test their mountain man skills and live off the land; so they packed up their gear and headed for the woods (about 4 miles from our house) with some bread and bananas.  🙂  The boys took a camera and got some good shots.  I’ll try to get a post up later in the week on the excursion.

Then friends from Canada arrived with 2 of their children…

Saturday afternoon the boys were back at the house and after supper I put the boys, Serenity and  Jennifer from Canada, to work making Sunday’s lunch – enchiladas.  Oh yes, by this time another boy had joined the party.  The boy on the far left is from our 4-H group and Zachary has really enjoyed getting to know him.  God is really working in his heart.  We found out that his father is an atheist and that this boy is the only one in his family that goes to church.   

On Sunday we had 25 people for lunch for a meal of enchiladas, rice, beans, sopapillas & ice cream.  Oooo la la, we were full!

The adults visited and the kids had a good time playing Dutch Blitz, a fast-paced Amish game that is a lot of fun.

And that, dear friends, was my week.  How did your week go?


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