Welcome to Treasuring the Moments.  My name is Elisabeth and together with my husband we have 6 children.  Let me introduce you to them.

Russell is my husband of 20 years.  He’s a lover of people and tells me his greatest joy would be if he could be a philanthropist.  He is already but not on the scale he would like to be.  He is my greatest encourager and has helped me grow in so many areas.



Seth, my oldest, is 18 and my first homeschool graduate.  He is currently wondering what to do with his life.  After graduating from high school he went on to college and completed his first  year  His thoughts were to study in the field of engineering, specifically electrical engineering but instead has decided to work for awhile while he tries to sort everything out in his mind and to seek the Lord’s will.


Zachary is 17 and will graduate in 2010.  He is my creative, humorous, Edison-type son.  If he had been in a public school setting I’m sure he would have had all types of labels.  I’ve pulled my hair out numerous times wondering just how to educate this boy of mine.  But as he’s gotten older he has learned to sit at his desk and to do some seat work.  He’s the gardener of the family and would love to have a farm some day.  He has all kinds of plans for what he would like to do after he graduates.



Wesley is 13 and is the policeman of the family; he likes to keep his siblings in line.  He has a generous, caring heart (although not always evident 🙂 )and is very friendly and outgoing. 


Serenity, our first girl, is 11 and a real lady, although she has been known to lose it with her brothers now and then.  She has beautiful character and I appreciate all she does to help me.  I tell her I hope I can be like her someday when I grow up.  (yea, she looks at me strange when I say that) 


Justus is 6 and the most sensitive of my boys.  Such a dear heart.


Audrey 3, is our caboose – a blond haired, blue-eyed little girl that is… well…  just like girls can be – a little emotional.  She’s a keeper though.


Yours truly (myself) finds life to be truly interesting and can easily get sidetracked from what I should be doing by a new interest.  I love the simple farm life and the thought of being orgranized, but even though my life is not entirely simple not completely organized,  it is still an ideal I strive for.  Reading & cooking are at the top of my favorite hobbies.  I also enjoy writing immensely, which I never dreamed would happen.  I kept a diary from the time I was 12 till about 19.  Sometimes I couldn’t stand writing in it but would force myself anyways.  Computers have made everything different for me.  You lose something in the personableness of it but I can put so much more down in a short period of time and I find writing to be almost therapeutic.


My kids are happy I’m finding therapy somewhere! 🙂


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  1. Hi, Elisabeth!
    I enjoyed glancing through your blog. You have a lovely family. My husband and I just celebrated 21 years of marriage! We have 6 children as well and would love more.
    Thanks for the compliments on my daughters’ Reformation outfits. They really are beginners as well. They have gotten some help and instruction from my mother and their other grandma, and a little from me, but mostly have taught themselves. Will you be at the Reformation? We hope to see you there!
    for the Stricklens in Florida
    (I am Bonnie’s daughter)

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