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A Completed Peg Board for My Sewing Area

It’s done. ¬†I actually completed my own peg board after being inspired by Cami at Creating by Cami.

Here’s one of them…

and here’s the second one… (The black string was some I found in our barn that held a hay bale together. ūüôā )

My brother-in-law gave us quite a bit of peg board that he had used in his furniture store. ¬†It was pink but my laundry room is beige & black…

so Serenity spray painted them.

then we hot glued white ric-rac along the edges.

Then I used the peg board holders that I purchased from Home Depot and placed them where I wanted.  So easy, so fun!  Oh yes! and somewhere between the time we glued the ric rac on and I placed the items on my board, my husband screwed the board into the wall.

Does this really qualify as a craft? ¬†I don’t know but I sure felt crafty when we finished. ūüôā


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Peg Boards for Craft Rooms

When we redid the boy’s bedroom (which reminds me – I haven’t posted pictures of that) my laundry room ended up having¬†an extra little cubbyhole. ¬†I am thinking of turning this tiny little spot into a permanent sewing area.¬†¬†By small I mean it’s only about 2 1/2″ – 3′ wide but it has quite a bit of depth so I’ll use some of that space for storage.

Serenity really desires to learn to sew and I’m actually in the middle of writing up a unit study that we can do together that will cover learning to sew as well as some of the history & science of it all. ¬†I think it would be just great for us to have a permanent place to set up the machine so that our mess is out of the way and when we have a few extra minutes to sew we’ll be able to.

I saw this awesome craft room makeover and it inspired me to make my own pegboard to hold scissors and such. ¬†Mine would have to be quite small but I still think it could be useful. ¬†Be sure to check out Creating by Cami’s blog.¬† She has a lot of great projects that will make you itch to get into sewing if you’re not already.¬† And I promise you will be inspired by her craft room makeover.

I’m still browsing the internet to see other pegboard ideas. ¬†Click on any of the links to see some I’ve found.

Here’s one on Craftzine

One from Erin Compton Design

A great pegboard for stampers

another one here at My Craft Room

still another one from Going’s on at the Glenn’s

and from Our Fixer Upper

and for the last pegboard picture… The Inspired Room (a really great blog)

You may want to show your husband this board so he’ll be able to understand why you want one for your¬†crafting area. ūüôā

Of course you’ll need to know how to hang your pegboard.¬† Be sure to read¬†this article to find out how.

If you’ve done one of these pegboards, please link so we can all see yours and be inspired.


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Making Soap

One of the items we offered at our Middle Ages market stand was soap.  I got into soap making several years ago and made my own for a short while but then eventually stopped.  I decided it might be fun to offer soap at our stand, so I got out all my dusty supplies and made a few batches.

This is the book I use when making soap.


I usually always make the Basic Soap recipe.

First I assembled all my supplies:  distilled water, lye, kitchen scale (a must), glass jar w/ long wooden spoon, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils for scent.


The next step, after assembling your supplies, is to measure your lye into the glass jar.


Add distilled water to the lye… and you get a very interesting reaction.¬† The mixture heats up to 200¬į.¬† It happens instantaneously.¬† ¬†It then takes about an hour and sometimes more¬†¬†to cool down to the proper temperature for use.

While the lye is cooling, I then melted/heated the oils.  The oils are heated just until the bulk of it has melted.  I added calendula (I think it was) to the oils to try and get a yellow soap.


Once the oils had cooled to the proper temperature, I strained the blossoms out.


I then added the lye to the oils.


To this mixture was added the grapefruit seed extract and essential oils.  This was stirred until it reached a trace.  (A term used in soap making that stands for just the point when the soap is starting to thicken and you can take a spoon and drizzle some mixture across the top mixture and you are able to see it the trail you make.)

I poured the liquid soap into my molds which were boxes I had on hand.  I lined the boxes with freezer paper using masking tape to hold it in place.


I placed the soap under a few sleeping bags to keep it warm and left it overnight.


I made a second batch and used liquid chlorophyll for the colorant.  This is the soap after setting overnight.


I took the soap out of the mold and using a ruler measured the bars, then cut.


I don’t know why I get white spots on the top surface of the soap but it seems to always happen.¬† So, I scraped it off.


All the pieces that are scraped off can be gathered together into a ball and used.¬† It’s not pretty but no soap goes to waste either.


The soap is left to cure for 3-4 weeks.  The odd shaped bars were kept for our own use.


I wrapped the soap in saran wrap and printed labels to go on the wrapped bars of soap.  

Did you know¬†there really was a group of knights called Knights of the Bath?¬† They received this name when going through the ceremony to become a knight.¬† Part of the¬†ceremony involved¬†taking a bath as a symbol of purification.¬† Maybe if you have boys that are allergic to baths you could entice them by explaining that even knights had to take baths. ūüôā¬† Scrub away boys!



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Craft/Work Day for our Back to the Middle Ages Co-op Day

We were able to accomplish quite a bit yesterday in our craft/work day. 

When everyone arrived we began a group project of making mosaic stepping stones.


This young lady¬†is feeling the pain at the thought of breaking¬†a pretty salad plate.¬† Breaking tile and dishes was great for the boys.¬† They did it with relish – with not one iota of¬†remorse. ūüôā


After making our stepping stones we took a break for lunch.  Then it was on to sewing for the girls and a wood working project for the boys.




The girls were making little coin bags for our co-op day.¬† We are going to hand out these bags with some fake money (what we’ll use for money we’re not sure about – any ideas?¬† our guests will actually¬†get what they want for free, we’re just “pretending” that they’re buying it) to friends and family on the day we give our speeches.¬† Each family is going to have a table set up with wares they are hawking.¬†¬†Friends and family will be able to go¬†from table to table deciding on what they would like to purchase.


The boys made catapults.  This one is a Wild Donkey or Onager Catapult and came from the book The Art of the Catapult by William Gurstelle.  Beware though that if you make this, there are some instructions that were incorrect. Russell and another dad that was here were in charge of this project and spotted the error and was able to correct it before they made a mistake.  This project only cost each boy $6.


The the painting of signs and castles began.  Cardboard everywhere.





A couple of the girls even drew and painted a knight.  They cut out his face so that people can put their own into it and get a picture.

After the painting, supper was served and then there was clean-up, grouting of the stepping stones and gabbing.¬† Oh, and even more sewing.¬† Don’t pass out, but yours truly¬†started a sewing project.¬† IF I get it finished or even somewhat finished I’ll let you have a preview of it before our Big Day in September.¬† Just one of the perks from reading my blog.¬† I know¬†you feel so privileged. ūüėÄ


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A Little Crafty Advice, if You Please

I bought this plate recently at Goodwill for half off – $2.50.¬† I may not be the most savvy of decorators but I’m pretty sure the previous owner¬†didn’t make a wise choice¬†when they used¬† blue/red ribbon¬†with a pink plate.¬† It kinda makes me want to shudder when I look at it.¬† But take that ribbon off and I don’t think it’s half bad.¬† The problem is my house isn’t pink, much to my husband and boys’ delight; ūüôā¬† so I want¬†to paint the plate¬†white.¬†¬†I thought I read somewhere that this was possible.¬† Is it?¬†¬†If so, what¬†special paint should I use?


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