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50,000 Books Anyone?

We bought 50,000 books last week (gasp!) – but– not for our home library.   We sell used books online and we were informed about a couple of ladies getting out of the business and selling their books, so we purchased them.  Off to Colorado we went on Monday afternoon.  Russell had only got about a 1 1/2 hours of rest because of staying up all night to get taxes done so he started the 13 hour drive tired.  Travelling through Flagstaff we saw a highway sign stating that I-17 was closed further ahead for a few hours because of dust storms.  So our first stop became a place of rest, fellowship and vittles for the body.

Thank you dear friends!

After travelling all night (Russell driving in one vehicle and my nephew and son driving in the other truck) we arrived safe and sound but weary and frumpy in body.  Hmmm, what a great way to start the work day. 🙂  But, I ask you, how could one not start feeling better when they are surrounded by a ton (literally) of books?  I felt better immediately, thank you very much!

What a great team we were.  Everyone had a job and everyone did it well… except for the times we were distracted when we saw an interesting book. LOL

Research being done

Yoohoo down there.  You’re not getting distracted and reading a book are you? LOL

How do you keep the little ones happy for long days of work.  SNACKS(!) and lots of them!

With 50,000 books there are going to be many, many books that we do not want.  Books that may be popular but are selling for less than a few dollars.  No library would want to have this many “donated” books so they end up going to the salvage yard where they are recycled.

Unbelievable isn’t it?  We had a total of 21 gaylords that went to the recycler.

It took us 5 days to finish the job and at the end the children, even though feeling triumphant over finishing,…

were so tired and took a well earned rest while waiting for their daddy to come back from an errand…

I don’t know what kind of husband you all have but mine is a “Conquer the road!” kind of guy.  So that’s exactly what we did.  We left the warehouse at 7p.m., had some supper and started the 13 hour drive.  Straight through.  Again.  This time, however, the road almost conquered him.  It was the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere and when I say nowhere, I mean nowhere when the low fuel light came on.  Our truck doesn’t get good gas mileage anyways and pulling a trailer full of books it was much worse, so we drove slowly to help conserve what fuel we had.  Nothing was around.  Highway patrol was called and they said the nearest diesel would be 50 miles away.  

I’m happy to report that the story does have a good ending for we saw a sign for diesel fuel on a freeway exit.  We took that road and followed it for 6 miles until we came to the little town of Pecos, New Mexico.  What we found was a closed gas station with only 2 gas pumps.  Would this little place have 24 hour gas?  Yes, they did!  Big sigh of relief.

Russell was so tired and there were no lights on at the station so the first time he put his credit card in wrong.  So he came and got his head lamp because he didn’t want to mess up his one chance.

As an aside, let me tell you this was the 2nd time on this trip that we were close to running out of fuel.  It seems that this happens to us at least once per trip we’re on.  You’ve heard people say, if you’re a painter, everyone else’s house will get painted but not your own.  If you’re a mechanic, everyone else’s car will get fixed but not your own.  Well my husband and his dad used to have an Exxon gas station and Russell says there were many times that he (Russell) would run out of gas shortly before he got to his own station and there he’d be walking up the street, carrying a gas can wearing his Exxon uniform.  Everyone else’s car had gas but not his own.

So, there you have it – the scoop on clearing out 50,000 books and as an extra bonus, my life with a former gas attendant. 🙂


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Do I Smell Something? – Skunk Update

My husband walks into the post office and the lady asks him, “Did you get sprayed by a skunk?” (Whoa!  Excuse me??  Did you just say what I think you said?)

Our room still has the faint odor of skunk so our clothes are probably absorbing that. Aghhh!  When we opened our laptop computer case yesterday the smell was strong.  Thankfully the weather has been very nice outside so we’re able to open the windows during the day.  I don’t know of any other solutions.

I’m just imagining when all 8 of us go to church and trudge down the aisle what it will be like. 🙂  We’re blissfully walking to our seats and unbeknownst to us a little black odor is following behind.  This episode with the skunk could get very memorable, not to mention downright embarrassing!


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A Skunk by Any Other Name is Still a Skunk!

Settling down into my nice comfy bed, getting ready for a restful night, I heard the dog start barking.   I figured there probably was a skunk nearby since they seem to be in plentiful supply around here.

The barking continued for a while but then the bark changed slightly – making me think our dog must be really close to the animal.  It was.  Not only was she close to the wild animal, the animal was close to ME!  Probably only 5-10′ away because by now it was AT OUR HOUSE by my bedroom!!  Then it not only was at our house but UNDER our house.   The skunk broke through a screened vent we have that vents our basement crawl-space. How do we know this?  The evidence was found this morning.  A bent up vent laying on the ground.

After plunging through our vent, the skunk sprayed!! I have NEVER smelled such an abominable odor in my life.  I have smelled plenty of skunks but nothing like this.  It was the regular skunk smell but it also smelled like a mixture of tar or something burning.  Absolutely horrible.

Things were so bad I buried my face in my husband’s armpit – something I do not generally practice, as you might understand.  Not that he  smells bad but that’s just not my normal pattern – to snuggle up to his armpit. 😉  It worked very nicely – for a while – but then I needed some cool air.  Next I decided to rub some essential oil on my face.  That wasn’t as effective.   I wandered in the hallway which was the worst place of all because there was no place for the smell to dissipate, only to find Zachary stumbling out of his room with a paint mask that had side respirators on and all his bedding.  About that time the smell overcame me and I started gagging.  Every time I would quit gagging and would take in more fresh(?) 🙂 air, I’d start gagging again.  Ironically, the only clear air I could find was outside.

Serenity’s room didn’t smell too bad so that’s where Russell and I landed for the night.  Zachary slept in the walleyball court and Wesley in his closet.  When Wesley went in there with his blankets, he asked Seth if he wanted to sleep in there, too.  Seth said, “No, I’ll be fine,” but in just a few short minutes the closet door opened and in came Seth. 🙂

A search is currently being made to ascertain whether the skunk went out when the dog left or if it decided to take up residence under our house! In the meantime we’re still trying to air out our bedroom and hall.  🙂


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A Thousand Rings?

Russell was reading about Solomon in our morning devotions a few weeks ago, telling the children how Solomon had riches, houses, lands, as well as 1000 wives and in the end said, “All is vanity.”

Justus (6 yo) looked perplexed when he heard that Solomon had 1000 wives.  

“He did?  How could he fit all his rings on him?” 😀  LOL

Of course, we had to do a little explaining. 🙂


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Artichokes or Archers?

I was reading The World of the Medieval Knight by Chrisopher Gravett to the younger ones the other day and I pointed to the arrow slits in the castle wall from where the archers would shoot their arrows.  “Who used these windows?” I asked.  Audrey piped up and said, “Artichokes.” 😀

What a goof 🙂


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