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The Varied Pursuits of Children

Isn’t it so delightful watching your children explore their interests?  You never know what will grab their attention.  Although all of my boys love the outdoors & boy things, their interests are varied.  Even if they all enjoy the same activity, the levels of their intensity may not be the same.

Here are a few things that I have thought of that my boys have shown enthusiasm for over the years:


fencing (this was peaked by our Middle Ages Study)



rock climbing (be still my pounding heart!)

hiking the Grand Canyon (one of my sons has now done it twice; he went down & up in one day, one time hiking out with a nasty sprained ankle) 😦




walleyball (since we have our own court, they play often and know all the rules – beware! if you should break one) 🙂

G.A. Henty books – still a favorite

living in the woods

plants and their uses


My daughter has her own interests.  Although hers are not as varied, they’re just as absorbing to her as if she had a whole page.  She enjoys:



writing letters (oh, the stamps she’s gone through) 🙂





But then just the other day, she decided to take herself and her sister Audrey (3 yrs.) outside for a photoshoot.  She set up the tripod, composed the setting and using the self-timer, took the picture. 

I thought the composition of her photos was really creative.

I was really impressed that she was able to get Audrey to cooperate.  It seems that every time I’ve tried to get a family picture one of the little ones always end up crying.  Everyone just wants to goof off and poke the person in front of them, etc.  I get exasperated and it just goes downhill from there….  and well, we won’t tell you the “rest of the story”. 🙂

So what are some of your children’s pursuits/interests?  I’d love to hear about them.



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