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Moving Back to Homeschoolblogger

I left Homeschoolblogger quite a while ago because of difficulties with accessing the site and probably because I wanted more flexibility with my template.  Recently, they have completed a major upgrade and now are using wordpress to power homeschoolblogger.  So, I have now moved back and you can find me here at


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Free Movie at BlueBehemoth

BlueBehemoth has now been on the ‘net for 1 year.  To celebrate, for this week only, you can download A League of Grateful Sons by the Vision Forum company for free.

Visit to download.

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Homeschool Showcase Carnival #32

The Homeschool Showcase  is up with some great links at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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Artichokes or Archers?

I was reading The World of the Medieval Knight by Chrisopher Gravett to the younger ones the other day and I pointed to the arrow slits in the castle wall from where the archers would shoot their arrows.  “Who used these windows?” I asked.  Audrey piped up and said, “Artichokes.” 😀

What a goof 🙂


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Getting Organized with Schedules – Part 2

After I made my 12 week schedule for our Middle Ages unit study (see this post – Keeping Organized with Schedules – Part 1), I then did another spreadsheet that shows me what we should be doing at what time.  I put the times in to help keep me on track.  You could also do a schedule that showed general blocks of time, for instance:  8:30-12:00a.m. Unit Study, 1:00-3:00p.m. Independent Study.

As I said, I did mine with specific times for each part of our unit study to help me to be able to just move from one thing to another without having to put any thought into what is next on the agenda.

On my spreadsheet I made 5 columns across the top.  The first column heading says Time and the other four columns have the days of the week.  Our school week is only 4 days a week at this point.  It seems that if I schedule 5 days there is no breathing room if our days do not go as planned.  Sometimes my husband needs their help or we’ll have visitors or other distractions.  It’s also nice to have a day to focus on other things.  

Are you like me?  Do you get frustrated if your days do not go as planned or do you take it all in stride?  I have determined this time to not make an overambitous schedule (which I am wont to do) and to trim things down to where it’s manageable for the children.   I really like the four day week and of course, the children do, too, although this does make the 4 days longer since it’s not spread over 5 days.

The other day when I was reading aloud to them, Black Fox of Leorn,  I went over time.  Seeing this, I was able to realize, because of my schedule, where the problem lay.  I now have moved that to the evening (before bed) for our ROL time.

At this point, I only have Monday times filled in.  I wanted to be sure that it would work okay.  It seems to be going well so next I will fill in the other days.  Some days will be different because we’ll have Artist Appreciation, Rummy Roots & Nature Study. 

A schedule is never perfect.  Someone once told me that everything seem to work for awhile and then it becomes no longer effective (chore charts, rewards, etc.).  This has been completely true in my family.  I do not have kids begging to go to the schoolroom.  This is normal, I think.  Although they enjoy learning and I do, too, there are days when you just want to do something else.  My schedule may be fine for us at this season but in a year (or less 🙂 ) it may need to be reworked.

I often lose sight of the fact that we are unique individuals – what works for one may not work for another.  For instance, when I see the amount of subjects Lindafay of Higher Up and Futher In covers with her children, I’m amazed.  Are we doing something wrong that we’re not able to do the same?  Sometimes I feel like we are but then I try (Oh, Lord, help me to do more than try!) to remember that other peoples lives may be on a different track than ours, we’re unique from each other,  BOYS are different than girls (highlight and underscore that!).  I must never forget that God is directing our family. 

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD

Psalm 37:23 

So, if these ideas on schedules can be a help, I would be so happy.  But do not feel that you are failing or are a terrible mom/teacher if you do something completely different. 

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Somewhere between Oklahoma & Ohio

Russell is made of a different fabric than I.  The longest I’ve driven in one stretch is 3 hours.  Russell can go all night and then some more and that’s exactly what we did.  But even he needs to rest sometimes.  I never know where we’ll end up.  This time it was in a little bitty town that must have a claim on Route 66

although that’s not the road we pulled off on. 

It looked like a fun store whose parking lot became our rest stop for the next 45 minutes.

Nothing was open since it was early enough that most people were still sleeping. 


 A little rest and he’s good to go for another 10 hours.  Amazing man my hubby is.


I thought this was quite a neat idea.  I wonder how well it works.  Maybe the predecessor to the first riding lawn mower? 🙂


Early morning entertainment for those who were not trying to snooze – watching the train and smashing pennies on the tracks. 


Have you ever woke to a turtle staring you in the face?  Some on our trip did.  Wesley’s reaction was the best; he had quite the startled look! 

Does anyone know what kind of turtle this is?  Maybe it’s a tortoise.  I have no idea.  Maybe I should educate myself on the difference.


Devotions were sometimes held in strange places – like the drive-thru of the bank.  (Hey, it was a shady spot and it was Saturday after all.)

Attentive, tired?  How would you describe them?


Maybe tired.  Uh huh.  I’d say they’re completely wiped out.  Is that Russell I see stretched out on the middle table? 

This was our lovely breakfast stop in Illinois.  The way our family travels is to stop for breakfast and eat cereal & fruit.  We go to a park (or a rest area if the other option is not available) where the kids can run around getting rid of pent up energy (and the driver can rest).  This works really well for our family.

Audrey got a little bored one day…

but managed to entertain herself

and me, too.

I’ll finish up our trip next post.  Only a few pictures to go.:)

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